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Volvo 850
Volvo 850

In June 1991, Volvo Company presented a span-new model – the 850 GLT. This front-wheel drive mid-size sedan with the transversal location of engine came on changing of series 240 and at once did much noise. A new model had fundamental differences from everything before producible Volvo. In a design some walking was set away from direct corners that allowed in subsequent models finally to get rid from reproaches in «cubism». The level of dynamics and divisibility grew notably.

In opinion of specialists, this model contained at once four technical innovations: the transversal located 5-cylinder engine and front drive, back axis of Deltalink, that combined in it self a dynamics and comfort of independent pendant with safety of movable back axis, system of protecting from the lateral blow of SIPS and self-regulating seatbelt of front seats during a blow.

But the best brand name internal’s of cars of Volvo, such as solidity, reliability and capaciousness, were stored. Swedes proved that able to do modern and rapid cars, not renouncing traditional «Volvo’s» values. Not surprising, that in most countries exactly 850th became the best seller of brand of Volvo. She remains the most widespread Swedish model at the market of «second-hand».

The basket of 850th is executed very durably and with a head gives out the north origin of car. Massive door knobs are done so, that it easily to grasp for them. The joints of details are very densely driven in. Wherein cracks are inevitable, impermeable seals is present.

In summer of 1992 was presented Volvo 850 GLE. This model differed from GLT only by an engine. On GLT a 20-valvular aggregate was set by power of 170 hp at a volume 2,5 L., on GLE began to put the same exactly aggregate, but with 10 valves and power according to 130 hp.

In May, 1993 on the court of public presented five door wagon of Volvo 850 Wagon. Cars are maximally practical and excellent in a management. A capacious luggage rack (1490 L.) is comfortable for the protracted trips. A back seat is done by accordion so that to provide a maximum of available space in a back salon. In respect of pendant and engine, then they were the same, as on a model 850 sedan.

In summer of 1993 of Volvo Т5 presented is a turbo engine for 850th series. In fact, this was an exactly such engine, as at GLT, only with diminished to 2,3 L. by volume of by power of 225 hp and set turbine high-pressure.

The second generation of Volvo 850 goes out in 1994. After modernization front headlights narrowed, bumpers had found more soft outlines. The new back lanterns, incorporated by the elegantly bent bridge stretched out under a containing a number table, were later added. Such design - the family quality mark for «850th». A model almost fully got rid from «child\'s illnesses», becoming a reliable, and exhaust car.

On the base of 850 series a car, able to work both on petrol and on methane, was produced in 1996, due to the double fuel system. Except it, on the base of 850th series a pickup was begun production of full drive car a back pendant of that is modified Multilink - 1 and back wheels are started going at slip of fore wheels due to a frictional muff

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