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Alfa Romeo Nuvola
Alfa Romeo Nuvola

A basket in style of BMW Z07 afterwards became more knowable Z8. Nuvola from Alfa Romeo was unusual enough. He was constructed and collected, to remember 1930th, at the same time being a hint on that a day coming to us prepares, and from whatever foreshortening you scrutinized in this car, certainly there was something new in him.

In him the traditional combined and radical styles simultaneously, and Nuvola was such the cars, to that it is difficult to glue a label.

Classic front from Alfa Romeo was complemented by built-in little headlights, that, seemed, arrived from the future, - although they were already used in GTV and Spider the same the firm-producer.

Such stylistic pieces as light-emitting diodes will become popular in a next decade; they light brightly enough, in spite of compactness as compared to standard lamps. And, for example, the subzero back-end demonstrated at Nuvola will become less popular, because highly heaved up a basket certainly more comfortable for luggage.


An interior was no more, than mixture old and new. A panel of devices, having many bends, was functional and modern enough.

All was finished by a soft, by hand edged skin, and greater part of details of salon was executed from aluminum, and each of them was polished and polished.

But most interest presented not original appearance of Nuvola, and technologies that she demonstrated. The conception of demonstrated an undercarriage with a spatial frame that would become accessible for producers, to be used in different variants, namely for 2-door cars and cars-compartments.

Although, such idea returned to the pre-war era, and technology that was used in Nuvola for the production of working part with a spatial frame was out-of-date from the used materials to the methods of production. 

As in the typical Italian design, a device panel in Nuvola was full great number of facilities measuring that were located each in the niche. It was advantageously underline finishing from a skin.


Being the product of Alfa Romeo, Nuvola was a car extremely pleasant in the plan of driving - this brand is known for the cars on style of management, and this concept was not an exception. It is here needed to mention about a fully independent pendant with a transversal lever. 6-speed gear-box, distributing power on all 4 wheels and engine of V6 meant that under the panels of basket there was enough force and power. Nuvola was able to develop 267 km/h, dispersed to 96 km/h for 4,7 seconds.

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