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BMW 328
BMW 328

BMW 328 is legally considered the most successful and most beautiful sporting car of 1930th.

According to this presentation of one only power not enough for success; the optimal concordance of all parameters of car is needed in combination with maximal efficiency. With these internal’s of BMW 328 already at that time incarnated by itself that the brand of BMW symbolizes today: dynamics, aesthetics and high degree of innovations.

BMW 328 is the facilitated construction as principle.

BMW 328 was the special car also because in him first for BMW principle of facilitation of construction was consistently realized. Anywhere that it maybe, the easiest and simultaneously durable materials were used, due to what complete mass of car made 780 kilograms just.

The numerous details adopted from racing sport and redolent of extremely successful sporting career of BMW 328 are used in a car. In fact even the premiere of car in 1936 took place not on a motor show, and on a racing route.

A dynamics and lightness are in an exterior. 

An exceptionally expressive design of exterior of BMW 328 Homage is modern interpretation of high-emotional and dynamic two-seater roadster - just as it was 75 back with BMW 328. Creation of cars – reminders (Homage) is good tradition for a business concern BMW Group. Being based on our philosophy of design «deep historical roots, forward movement in a design», they demonstrate the value of history for simultaneity.

Details from racing sport. 

In the design of exterior of BMW 328 Hommage is used numerous details that remind about successful sporting history of BMW 328. So, for example, executed slightly asymmetric a windscreen has deepening in a center, reminding glasses of racing cars of that time. At the same time it specifies the zones of pilot and «navigator». In addition, four wide leather straps pass through the hood of car. Coming on each side to the humeral line, they leave inward and again proceed in the side-frames of car.

In former time this detail was the sign of underline physicality, therefore accordingly used and on BMW 328 Hommage.

Except the carbon a minimum of materials is consciously used in an interior - only high-quality skin and aluminum. It gives BMW 328 special authenticness. Contrast between a hydro carboxylic fiber looking coldly and technologically, and general style of interior determines a warm brown skin. A very soft skin has the easy stamping and artificially slightly made old. Yet more refined kind the tub-shaped seats covered by a skin are given by high-quality guy-sutures.

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