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Daewoo damas

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Daewoo damas relates to the amazing brand Daewoo.
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Daewoo Damas is a small micro van of GM Daewoo Company, which has been sold since 1991. It is also called Daewoo Attivo on some markets. As the main part of the Korean autos, Daewoo Damas has its precursor from which it is almost exactly copied. This time, it is a Japanese small microbus "Suzuki". According to the passport of the car, it can accommodate up to seven people! Daewoo Damas There are three main modifications Daewoo Damas: the standard one, cargo mod with the removed windows and seats in the middle and rear part of the car; and the de lux version with the 5-speed transmission and the air conditioning system. The driver’s position is typical for the bus. Daewoo Damas has a horizontal wheel, vertical seat back and high suspended pedals. The car has minimum devices: a speedometer with daily mileage counter and a couple of pointers, which indicates the amount of gasoline and engine coolant temperature. Surprisingly but there is not the lamp emergency of the remaining fuel there, only the reminder of the unbelted driver. When Daewoo Damas is empty, it is very hard to control the road, but at the same time, it is easy to realize the car from the trap even by yourself without the usage of the engine power. It has not bad brake system, too. Daewoo Damas A small 3-cylinder carbureted gasoline engine with the volume of 796 sm3. It is very productive in this case. Daewoo Damas can accelerate to 100 km / h for 24.5 sec. The maximum speed is 114 km / h. The maximum torque is 63 Nm at 3000 r / min. The micro van Daewoo Damas has a 5-speed manual transmission. The front suspension is the independent McPherson stud, the rear one is the dependent spring one. The empty car easily starts on the second speed of transmission; it can get over the hill on the third one. The full Daewoo Damas is more comfortable for the urban driving; it almost does not lose the dynamic characteristics. The fuel consumption is from 8L to 9L / 100 km. Since 1996 Daewoo Damas has been made on the UzDaewoo factory in Uzbekistan.

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Bedlu getachew Nice car but no money
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