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Mitsubishi galant

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Mitsubishi galant found on brand Mitsubishi - Galant
Mitsubishi galant relates to the amazing brand Mitsubishi.
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In fact, Mitsubishi Galant is underestimated alternative to Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy and many popular German luxury car. Production company introduced Galant in two kinds of the car body: sedan and spacious wagon, but in all of them this car is a well-designed, sophisticated, powerful and comfortable car. Unfortunately, with all of this, despite the updating look, Galant is still not the most fashionable or recognizable pattern of the streets.

Since it car is issued by the Japanese company Mitsubishi, to worry about the reliability of the machine is not necessary. Just think back about old Galant, production of which ended more than 10 years ago. These cars are still seen on our streets. Moreover, Galant well proved itself in research reliability of cars conducted among car owners. Mitsubishi Galant All cars Galant line fast, docile and predictable. They can be equipped with both front and all-wheel drive (version VR4), so no need to worry that back axis may carry on a slippery road. All controls are located conveniently to the driver. It easy to use. Especially handy steering wheel, it easily enough, it helps to feel confident in moving around the city and at a parking.

Despite the powerful engine linestandard Galant is not so sport car. As for safety, the body of car is strong enough. The car has antiblocking system of brakes and airbags for driver and passengers is standard. Modifications with the engine V6 is also equipped with side airbags. At the factory for all cars Galant installed the alarm system and immobilizer, but the best protection for this model Mitsubishi will stand next BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-class. Then successfully car thieves will forget about the "accident Galante." Mitsubishi Galant Galant has a soft, conservative and spacious interior, it is designed and built so well that it just can not be uncomfortable. The seats are very comfortable, the car complete a variety of widgets like the air conditioner (it is standard on versions with the engine V6) and other devices. Leather interior serves as an option. In addition, all equipped with the standard version of the car: radio, a modification of the V6 - CD-changer.

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mitsubishi galant mitsubishi galant mitsubishi galant mitsubishi galant
mitsubishi galant

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Mitsubishi galant

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